What We Believe

We believe:

  • In one God, omnipotent, and omnipresent, our Creator, who has chosen to represent Himself in three distinct Persons: the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit. We believe that these three persons are distinct and separate, holding different functions and offices yet are at the same time, One.
  • The Father is our Creator and Nourisher, who lives in his creation unconditionally, yet is Holy and requires us to be holy as He is.
  • Jesus is God come to earth, born of a virgin, therefore free of any original sin, and His purpose was to die as the sacrifice for the sins of mankind. We believe that He was crucified, willingly shedding His blood as the payment for our sins, buried, and resurrected, that He has ascended to heaven, and will come back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  • The Holy Spirit changes the nature of man upon repentance, from sinful to sinless, and is our resident Guide, Teacher and Comforter.
  • The Holy Bible is the inerrant and complete Word of God, and that it was written by men under the inspiration of The Holy Spirit.
  • Sin is "missing the mark," that is, not doing what God intended us to do, but instead living our lives as pleasing to ourselves.
  • All men are born of sin and must repent of their sins, and accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for them personally.
  • Our responsibility as members of the Body of Christ is to preach the good news of salvation from sin through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • The enemy of God is satan, and satan will do whatever is necessary to destroy God's creation.
  • We have been given authority over the enemy.
  • There is a literal place called heaven, and one called hell. heaven is the home of Jesus, and where He is, His followers will go. Hell is a place of eternal torment prepared for the devil (satan) and those who follow him.
  • Groups of believers gather as churches under the guidance and direction of a pastor and leadership ordained by God.
  • In the giving of tithes, offerings and alms.
  • Jesus commanded us to be baptized in water by being fully immersed, and that this represents our being buried and resurrected to life in Him. This is done as an outward expression of the new birth that has already taken place within us.
  • Jesus commanded us to celebrate communion. That this is a corporate time for the church to gather together and remember what Jesus did for us through the use and consumption of bread and grape juice as symbols of His Body and Blood.
  • The Holy Spirit is active in each believer and will give give gifts to each one, as He wills.
  • In speaking in tongues, laying on of hands for the healing of the sick, and words of prophecy, wisdom and knowledge inspired by The Holy Spirit.
  • In joyous expression of our salvation through song and dance, and the lifting of our hands in utter abandonment to our Lord.
  • This is for all men and women regardless of social position, race, nationality or creed.