New Beginnings Christian center

             Precious Promises Nursery


Welcome                                    Sunday 10:30 am (infant to age 5)

          Welcome to the nursery our goal is provide an atmosphere in which your child can relax, have fun and learn. We have a team of qualified and experienced caregivers who aim to provide the best possible care for your child within the context of a happy secure environment.


       "But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them: for of such is the kingdom of heaven".                        Matthew 19:14


Questions & Answers

1 Where should I bring my child?

          There is one nursery open during Sunday service, it is an Infant and Toddler nursery (up to age 5).

          Ushers are available to help assist your family in finding the right room for your child.

2 What should I bring for my child?

          When placing your child in the nursery you will need the following:

          - 3 Diapers

          - Bottles for baby during the entire time in nursery, they must be ready to serve. If your baby is breast

            fed you will need to bring a water bottle.

          - Complete change of clothing in a plastic bag.

            Place all items in a diaper bag, please be sure that all items are labeled with your child's name.

            (Any unmarked items that are left behind will be discarded).

3 Do I have to take my child to the nursery?

          No. However, our ushers are instructed to encourage parents of small children to take advantage of the

         nursery for the following reasons:       

              a. Children can become uncomfortable in the Sanctuary, our services are not conducted on their

                  level so they lose interest quickly.

              b. Small children can be very distracting. (Small children crying, whispering, tugging on mom

                  or crawling under the chairs can cause someone else to miss the real meaning of the service.)

4 When is the nursery open?

          The nursery is open at the beginning of each weekly service, generally 15 minutes before service begins.

5 How about feeding?

          We ask that you care for the feeding of your child prior to service. With a limited number of caregivers

           It is impossible to hand feed, we will however give your child his/her bottle and toddlers will receive

           pretzels and a drink. If you would like to bring a snack we will gladly share it among all the children in

          the nursery to avoid hurt feelings.

6 How do I register (or place) my child in the nursery?

          Simply bring your child your child to the nursery, you will be required to answer a few simple questions:

          child's name, your name diaper bag color and any special instructions. A tag will be placed on your child

          and you will be given a number for security purposes. Please inform us of any allergies, food, bee stings, etc.

7 What if my child needs me?

          An usher will be notified and will come and get you if your presence is needed. Please do not come to the

          nursery during service, sometimes just by the attachment of your child to you will cause them to want

          you and only you and that will cause them to cry. Worship with the knowledge that your child is being well

          cared for.

8 How long do I have after the service to pick up my child?

          It is important that you pick up your child IMMEDIATELY after service, the caregivers are not asked to stay

          long after service ends; the purpose of the nursery is for the convenience of the parents during service time

          only. If you do go up for prayer please make arrangements for someone to pick up your child.

9 Can I bring food to the nursery?

          Baby bottles are allowed in the nursery, however food is not allowed unless it is a snack that can be shared

          with the other children. If your child has special dietary needs and needs to be fed during service, please

          bring your child out of the nursery and return when finished.